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Heritage Fishing Guided Experiences

The fishing families of Petty Harbour have kept their harbour free of gill

nets. Even today, cod is fished by hand, one by one with a single line and

hook. Read about it HERE

You can experience this proud tradition. Even learn how to find the

location of a fishing berth that has been kept secret from father to son

for generations.

Join us on a heritage fishing trip!  Check out our packages HERE

Summer 2016 Dates & Rules  HERE 

Catch your cod, learn to fillet, and then prepare your own pan fried cod

with scrunchions on a camp stove. And for special occasions, we'll help

you make an artistic & permanent print of your fish!

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Experience Our Fishing Heritage

Island Rooms of Petty Harbour


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Walk-About in Petty Harbour

Any little fishing village that has stood the test of time and North Atlantic winds for hundreds of years has many secrets to reveal.

When the Basque arrived here in the 1500's to fish, the Beothuk were already here, and some believe that faeries have always been in the hills...fill your pockets with bread! You'll need it when you cross the river. 

Wharf Walk-About the harbour and have those fishery questions answered! So what are those round orange nets? Learn about the Protected Fishing Area.

Rolling Rocks & Berries and make sure you bring a bucket for your treasures!

*Walk-abouts are seasonal. Call us for details or special bookings.

Little Boats of Newfoundland Experience

Newfoundland and Labrador has a close connection to the Sea. 

It is built upon a tradition of not just fishing, but building little wooden boats in the shed over a long cold winter. 

Maybe you've heard the song, "Fishing in a dory off the coast of Newfoundland...." Don't just imagine it - Live it! 

Join one of our guides for a dory rowing lesson, dory fishing trip or schedule a dory of your very own to rent for an afternoon! Or a romantic sunset row with your sweetheart including a fisherman's grub tub packed with all those refreshments needed to make it a perfect evening for two! 

We can tailor an "excursion around the bay" just for you!​​