Wharf Walk-About

Petty Harbour is one of the oldest fishing communities having been visited by the Basques, Portuguese and French in the early 1500's, and Indigenous Peoples who were always here. Our fishing families have maintained a sustainable hook & line fishery - no gillnets - for generations. Join us on a walk along the wharf to discover this history, changes to our harbour due to crab fishing, and the unique names and meanings for the buildings that line the water. We'll peek inside, too, and

enjoy some toutons & tea in the shed! Adult $30

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Petty Harbour Twine Loft

The work of fishing is never done! And some of the most important work of fishing happens on land in the twine loft where the nets are knitted and the ropes are weaved. Enjoy this crafty, hands-on experience and learn some of the oldest skills of our ancestors. But add your own twist with new materials and textiles. Create your own keepsake of your trip to Newfoundland! Best of all? Stories, tea and homemade blueberry muffins are shared while our hands are kept busy!

Adult $50 & Youth under 12 $25

*Ask about our Resident & Group Specials!*

Valid 1 Apr 2019 - 31 Mar 2020. Minimum of 2 persons to book experience. Plan 2 hours for this learning experience and if we stop for a latte at the waterShed Coffee Shop, then add more time again! Offer is subject to availability, weather, and does not include taxes (or latte!). Each participant will receive a booklet called, "Ancient Rights," detailing the history of the Protected Fishing Area and an article from Hakai Magazine about the fishing buildings of Newfoundland. Deep learning experience for mature travelers. Ask about our add-ons. Want homework to prepare? Read Mark Kurlansky's book called "Cod: A Biography of the Fish that Changed the World." And we might meet Maggie the Punt on our travels, too!

Trouting & Hiking

One of the most beloved Summer activities

here is trouting! Join us on a hike

up the old way where you'll fish for mud trout in some of the local ponds. Then you'll enjoy a mug up with a bit of stew, berry treat, AND if you are lucky

& the fish are biting - you'll cook up your catch!

Looking for a Winter activity?

How about a snowshoe up the old way?

Then you'll drill a hole in the ice on one of the local

ponds and try your luck at ice fishing!

We'll put in a campfire and boil the kettle for 

a warm up while you crouch patiently over the ice...

Adult $130 & Youth under 12 $99

*Ask about our Resident & Group Specials!*

Valid 1 Apr 2019 - 31 Mar 2020. Minimum of 2 persons to make a booking - then it is your experience! Offer is seasonal (berry dependent!) and limited by the weather. Please wear old socks so the faeries don't follow us, and sturdy hiking shoes. Your own berry bucket and jam jar is provided. Refreshments are served while your jam bubbles! You will take away memories, stories and a jar of your own jam. Enjoy 3 hours of berry picking and jam bubbling with us! HST taxes are extra and please book in advance.

On-the-Land Heritage


Our Experiences Are Private - Just For Your Party! So Call Us With Your Questions & Bookings Anytime! 709-740-3474

Valid 15 May 2019 - 15 May 2020. Minimum of 2 persons is required for booking. All fishing equipment, snowshoes, campfire supplies or cooking needs are supplied. Even a backpack & binoculars are provided for your trip! Pack a rain jacket, bring your camera - there's room in the backpack! Seasonal and traditional food & beverage is provided. Leo will put on a feed of fisherman's stew or moose stew to warm us up! Or maybe you'll catch a fish and we can all enjoy sharing your little trout! Offer is subject to availability, fishing season, and HST. Please book in advance. ASK ABOUT POND FISHING IN A DORY!

Valid 1 Apr 2019 - 31 Mar 2020. Minimum of 2 persons is required for booking. Refreshments of tea and homemade blueberry muffins included. And maybe Leo will put on a feed of fisherman's stew! We will spend about 2 hours crafting a Turk's head knot and weaving a withe or knitting net. Let us know your favourite colour so we can gather the twine, rope, yarn, ribbon....Offer is subject to availability and HST. Please book in advance so we can go pick the blueberries for your muffins!

Island Rooms of Petty Harbour

Fishing for Success

Rolling Rocks & Berries

The little seaside community of Petty Harbour is embraced by green hills that hold many delights! Youngsters would take to the hills to entertain themselves rolling rocks or sent with buckets to collect the berries that grow there. But they always kept bread in their pockets for the faeries! Join us on a walk-about to collect berries - blueberries or cranberries - whatever the season brings and then we'll make jam together! Discover a magical rock that no child could ever roll down the hills.

Adult $50 & Youth under 12 $30

*Ask about our Resident & Group Specials!*