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at Island Rooms of Petty Harbour

10 D Main Road

Petty Harbour, NL

A0A 3H0

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Can't Go Fishing...Read A Book!

Do you enjoy picking blueberries? It's time to try some of the red ones!

Partridgeberries are one of our favourite berries and it has many interesting stories- from how it got here, to the little fruitworm and its moth, to all the other animals that have come to depend on this little fruit.

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Island Rooms of Petty Harbour

Fishing for Success

Every Place Needs A Strong Foundation.....

Foundation Contributors 

John & Jo Ann Orren

Mr Paul Hearn

Ms Samantha Thurman &
Mr Graham Stringfellow

The Lazzarino Family

Lloyd & Jenn Thurman

Mr Daniel Thurman

Thank you for being our strength!

Petty Harbour-Maddox Cove Tourism Association

Harbour Authority of Petty Harbour

Petty Harbour Fishermen's Producer Co-Operative Society

Freedom's Note

Ken Smith, Dory Builder

McGrath & Beck Families

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My First Fish

My First Dory Row

Food Web

Petty Harbour Watershed Study

Basic Boating & Navigation

Youth Cod Fishery

Fishmonger & Fishmaker

Local Food, Gardening, Hunting & Foraging

Winterhouse Craft, Art & Music