Fishing For Success, Inc.

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Founded: April 2014


What We’re Doing...

Did you know  that the fishing families of Petty Harbour-Maddox Cove have maintained their traditional fishing grounds as a Protected Fishing Area since 1895?

Photo credit: Newfoundland Tourist Development Board, The Rooms

On The Drawing Board......

Island Rooms of Petty Harbour

Fishing for Success

Help us get the little boats

back into the water

........and the kids into them!

Our First Dory:

Our own Todd Chafe's artistic interpretation of what the new fishing premise at Island Rooms of Petty Harbour will look like from the harbour waters. Be a part of building the dream from the twine loft to the stage to the flake to the little boats! Construction has started. Come help rind sticks! Island Rooms will be wheelchair accessible, too!

Our Mission:

Fishing for Success 

is a nonprofit social enterprise dedicated to living, sharing, and

celebrating the traditional fishing knowledge and culture

that sustained generations of Newfoundlanders

and Labradorians. 

Company Profile

Photo credit: Frank Chafe      


Recreate the structures of a family inshore fishing premise and put it into action!

Live ~ Share ~ Celebrate

the knowledge and skill of the traditional family fishery

Strengthen community bonds through multigenerational programs

Encourage youth to form their own personal bonds to Nature through purposeful and practical experiences of fishing, gathering, gardening.....

Empower young people to make decisions about their future

Provide visitors to Petty Harbour with a rich natural and cultural heritage experience while promoting the history of the Protected Fishing Area

Check out our Mission~Vision~Program document HERE

Getting kids back to the water

in Petty Harbour!


These wonderful pictures are of "wharf rats" playing along the waterfront in Petty Harbour. 

Help us create a new generation of "wharf rats!"

All grown up? Not at all. Join us on the wharf!

Everyone who is young-at-heart will have a grand time learning about life in the Harbour.