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Girls Who Fish

1st & 3rd Sunday @ 3pm


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                                                                      Keeping Our Stories Alive ~Celebrating 20 Years of Heritage Fairs in NL

The Historic Sites Association of Newfoundland & Labrador has provided the students of this province with the opportunity to explore their culture and heritage through the Heritage Fair Program. Fishing for Success is once again proud to sponsor an award for the project in each region that explores any aspect of a traditional family fishery of Newfoundland and Labrador. Fishing for Success believes that "our music and our art, our craft and our food celebrate our connection to the Sea that sustained our families for generations." An exemplary project will make apparent how even today we are intimately connected and dependent upon the Sea that surrounds us: that the traditional fishing knowledge and skill of our ancestors should always be lived, shared, and celebrated. Check out the program HERE       


05 Nov 2016 6pm  

Guy Fawkes Campfire Night

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Squid On!

Join us this week for

Squid Jigging!

Squid isn't just for bait!

It is a delicious local food!

Join us for some squiddin!

And experience your very own

"Squid Jigging Grounds!"

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13 Nov 2016  

Wild Family Nature Club

​​2nd & 4th Sunday @ 3pm

What are ye at?

Fishing, B'y!

​Learn the ancient skill of handline fishing in 

protected Petty Harbour.


500 years of history!

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Youth Cod Fishery & Dory Club

Fishing for Success piloted a Youth Cod Fishery program this past Summer!

We are expanding the program.       Please contact us for more information: 

Call:  (709) 740-3474      Email:

Hauling up the last dory for the winter. Thank you to our friends who stopped to help:

Brooklyn, Jessica, Zach, Vonda, Leo, Todd & Diesel the Dog!

Island Rooms of Petty Harbour


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Do you remember catching your first fish? I do! Fishing has and will always be central to the culture of Newfoundland and Labrador. 

And it can be the most magical moment in the life of a child. Or the most fun you've ever had on vacation!

Our Heritage

Newfoundland and Labrador IS fishing.

Our music and our art, our craft and our food celebrate our connection to the Sea that has sustained our families for generations.

It is imperative that we do something. NOW.

Not just preserve this heritage. Celebrate it.

Teach it to our children.

Before this traditional fishing knowledge is lost forever.....

Volunteer Now! You are a Vital Link!

One Day every child in Newfoundland and Labrador will once again be taught the traditional fishing knowledge and skill of their ancestors; that this will instill in them a sense of pride, of place, and a longing to protect and conserve their natural home.

Our Vision