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Fish Craft

​​Every Wednesday 5-8pm

Begins June 6 thru Oct 3

   You're Invited.....

to a Dory Corking, Scraping,

Painting & Launching

Day & Time in June TBA - Watch This Space

For Info About Any Program or Event

(709) 740-3474  ~  Fishing@IslandRooms.org

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Pop Up Twine Loft

​​waterShed Coffee Shop 

Begins weekdays this June


Join us Weds May 30

Bruneau Ctr 5-9pm for a FREE youth event

Rising Voices documentary screening

Check out the doc here:


Rising Youth

grants awarded that night!  Check it out here:


Take part in a youth-led panel discussion

What are ye at?

Fishing, B'y!

​Learn the ancient skill of handline fishing in 

protected Petty Harbour.


500 years of history!

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Youth Cod Fishery & Dory Club

Join our Youth Cod Fishery & Dory Club ... NOW ... in 2018!

The cod moratorium was called more than 25 years ago

                                 ...be the generation to get back in the boat!                               Register your group or troop today!

Call:  (709) 740-FISH      Email: Fishing@IslandRooms.org


    Celebrate Your Heritage ~ Make Your Wish For The Future

Island Rooms of Petty Harbour


10 D Main Road, Petty Harbour, NL A0A 3H0

EMAIL: Fishing@IslandRooms.org

PHONE: (709) 740-3474


The 26th Anniversary of the Cod Moratorium


2nd Annual Salt Fish Festival

 7 Oct 2018, Sunday 1-5pm at Island Rooms

Join us for a special day that highlights our fishing heritage and the work of our ancestors. Members of our Girls Who Fish program will be on hand to teach rinding sticks, weaving rope, making salt fish and making fish paintings! Maybe we'll cut out a cod tongue or two!

Come Celebrate the Future of our Fishery!


Do you remember catching your first fish? I do! Fishing has and will always be central to the culture of Newfoundland and Labrador. 

And it can be the most magical moment in the life of a child. Or the most fun you've ever had on vacation!

Our Heritage

Newfoundland and Labrador IS fishing.

Our music and our art, our craft and our food celebrate our connection to the Sea that has sustained our families for generations.

It is imperative that we do something. NOW.

Not just preserve this heritage. Celebrate it.

Teach it to our children.

Before this traditional fishing knowledge is lost forever.....

Volunteer Now!

                                  You are a Vital Link!

One day every child in Newfoundland and Labrador will once again be taught the traditional fishing knowledge and skill of their ancestors; that this will instill in them a sense of pride, of place, and a longing to protect and conserve their natural home.

Our Vision

Island Rooms of Petty Harbour

Fishing for Success

For Women 8-80+

Girls Who Fish

1st & 3rd Sunday @ 1pm

*small supply fee